Portfolio Website Design & Build

CSS, W3C/DDA html construction

Firstly be sure of your reasons! What are your end goals & targets for your new website design and build?

Be sure of who you are using! There are lots of decent programmers that can't design for toffee, lots of designers that just make things look nice (sometimes great) but can't build, often both don't understand the importance of logical structure or DDA & W3C compliancy. I focus on the design in the broader sense - consultancy & advice, structure, design, build, SEO, advertising & marketing.
The only bit I don't do is the geeky bits (programming), this can often be the most exasperating part of any website deployment; 'some' programmers are a bit like 'some' garage mechanics...you know the rest. By staying independent I can source the right programmers for the job, translate the 'bull..' for you and give you an honest response.

I apply the same rules to website design as with any form of good design; focusing on practicality, engaging the consumer, easy to use & esthetically pleasing. It is always best to plan your website as part of an overall marketing plan, to maximize the exposure and use of your online presence to the right target market this may include: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), advertising & marketing (online & just as importantly in the real world!), even as part of an overall re-brand of your business or organisation. I always look for 'stickiness' in website design, by 'stickiness' I mean your consumers want to stay! Often 'killer apps' (applications) are worth considering, as in some of the examples below; 'killer apps' are functions on your site that are ....well...'sticky' and usually provide your consumer with practical uses or information.

As a freelance designer with many years of html/css construction methods, I can provide that hard sourced experience in providing both quality freelance graphic design, website design, professionally crafted html website construction and easily understood and adaptable CSS.

Below is a small selection of more recent website design projects from my extensive portfolio.
To view screen shots of older website design project please visit the Website Archive

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