Search Engine Optimisation SEO Nottingham, Derby, Leicester & UK Nationwide

I operate purely White Hat SEO, this means we don't break the rules! Some SEO providers, who operate Black Hat SEO, can get you high up the ranking very quickly, but there is a price for breaking the rules. You will be black listed! Creating 1000's of back links to your site doesn't work and may actually reduce your rank, a site with 10 or so back links from high ranking quality websites which have relevant and related content will be ranked higher than a site with 1000's of back links from irrelevant, unrelated websites.
Search Engine Optimisation is a constant process analysis & change. Your position will also be determined by your competitor’s commitment to SEO, how often they update their website and how long your competitors have had a web presence.
Google ranks urls by a complex and ever changing set of algorithms. Currently the most important factors are based on the following:-

  • Build quality
  • The keyphrase you are optimising to and it's relevance to your page url, file name, meta description, title tag, headings & content
  • Updating the content of your pages regularly
  • The quality & quantity and uniqueness of the content of each of your pages
  • Number and quality of in-links. In-links are best created over a period of time from relevant, highly ranked sites, this is where the digital world meets real world PR.

If you want your site to rise up through the ever expanding number of businesses fighting for their web presence, Search Engine Optimisation will be a ongoing investment, with no guarantees of first page listing in the short term. If you are launching a new site, there is a wealth of other companies to compete for the same space; large corporate companies often command 5 figure annual budgets, with dedicated teams to maintain their URL ranking, "you get what you pay for" is the key phrase in SEO management.

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